Quick 10 Tips To Increase Bikes Mileage During Petrol Price Hike In Nepal

Tips To Increase Bikes Mileage During Petrol Price Hike Nepal

Nepali people prefer to use motorbikes over a car for travel. For starters, bikers can easily move around the city traffic. Second, as compared to a car, a bike provides significantly higher mileage.

You may notice that your bike's petrol efficiency has substantially reduced to regular use, and you end up visiting the petrol pump more than ever.

If this is the case, you might want to consider the following suggestions:

1. Bikes don’t prefer sitting in the sun

2. Throttling unnecessarily

3. Buy petrol for your Bikes from trusted petrol pump

4. Check on your Tyres

5. The bike in Nepal doesn’t need modification

6. Turn the engine off, stay calm

7. Dealing with Unburnt Petrol

8. Switch gears when needed

9. Visit your Service Center for Maintenance

10. Reduce Your Motorcycle's Weight


Explained below are the tips that could lead to improved outcomes and petrol efficiency:


1. Bikes don’t prefer sitting in the sun:

Nepal is a country with varied climate regions. The amount of heat and humidity depends on the region. We have a clear sky and direct bright sunlight in most spots. This is a drawback for Bikes since evaporation may cause some petrol to be lost. In addition to burning petrol, direct sunshine can cause the paint to degrade. Long-term sun exposure can cause the paint to lift and chip.


2. Throttling unnecessarily:

Riding your bike in its given economy speed followed by not revving the bike unnecessarily will help conserve a lot of petrol.  Please do avoid excessive speeding and ride with responsibility.


3. Buy petrol for your Bikes from trusted petrol pump:

Due to scarcity of petrol, pumps have been known to dilute the petrol. This is very hard on the bike as the combustion doesn’t occur properly. We, highly recommend you to only buy petrol from trusted petrol pumps.


4. Check on your Tyres:

Slightly deflated tyres cause additional drag on your engine. It indicates that moving your bike uses more petrol, resulting in low mileage. Properly filled tyres, on the other hand, eliminate resistance. Your bike's engine takes less power to move in this situation, which saves you money on petrol.

Overinflated tyres have a smaller contact area and generate more pulling power, making for a rough ride. It can cause tyres to wear out quickly.


5. The bike in Nepal doesn’t need modification:

Changing your bike's electronic systems, engine, or exhaust can reduce its mileage. You must consider the long-term consequences of changing the bike before deciding to make the adjustments.


6. Turn the engine off, stay calm:

The streets of Nepal can be very unforgiving to daily commuters, reviving unnecessarily and blowing the horn at the traffic doesn’t help conserve petrol or help noise pollution.


7. Dealing with Unburnt Petrol:

Examine for a congested spark plug, misaligned carburetors, and malfunctioning jets. They're in charge of the engine's choke and unburned petrol.


We recommend to only use Bajaj Genuine Bike Spare Parts for Bikes stable performance.


8. Switch gears when needed:

Avoid constant gear shifting Speedy gear changes, shifting at high RPM, and driving in low ratios are all examples of heavy gear shifting. These factors have an impact on the motor and clutch plate, which has an impact on the bike's mileage.



9. Visit your Service Center for Maintenance:

When it comes to Bike maintenance, there are several things to consider. Your mechanic will go over the big picture and make recommendations on how to improve the bike's performance. People normally have their Bikes in Nepal inspected twice or three times a year. It is recommended that a vehicle be brought for maintenance every month.
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10. Reduce Your Motorcycle's Weight:

More weight means more strain on the bike's motor. This results in slower acceleration and higher petrol consumption. By removing this weight, you can save money on petrol and lower the danger of engine damage.

Substitute heavy parts with lighter ones to increase your motorcycle's petrol efficiency. Avoid using heavy modification in parts like; Bike Exaust Pipe, Heavy Chain Sprocket, Side Box or Luggage Box, Bulky Tires and Carry only the recommended passengers.

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