Pulsar NS 200 New Decals! Know How Bajaj Is Defining New Aesthetics in the Two Wheeler Segment
Apr 05, 2021

Pulsar NS 200 New Decals Know How Bajaj Is Defining New Aesthetics in the Two Wheeler Segment

One of the best-seller bikes in Nepal, Bajaj Pulsar NS 200, presents a brand new design and model!

Are you familiar with Bajaj Pulsar NS 200? Have you taken it for a ride? Have you experienced how smoothly it forms? Above all, have you observed how stylish it look

What is the New Pulsar NS 200 Decal All About?

Style. Comfort. Easy and awesome colors. A sight to behold!

Yes, the new Pulsar NS 200 Decal in Nepal is all of the above. Guess what? There are even more specifications that you will be thrilled to know about!

You are already aware about the performance of Pulsar bikes in Nepal. Now, we are also providing you another category to choose from: variations!

If you compare the new Decal with other and previous versions, it has the best and hard-thought design incorporated with it. Also, the performance is not an exception! and the NS 200 Price in Nepal has not changed much.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 New Decal Black

What Are the Specifications for Pulsar NS 200 Decal? 

If you are familiar with Pulsar 200 NS, you are definitely in for a treat here!

You already know that Pulsar 200 NS has awesome mileage for a bike of its capabilities. Combine it with the tank capacity, you can cover a long drive! Take it alone or take someone with you! Choice is yours!

Likewise, do not forget the on and off road performance. In a country like Nepal where there are inconsistent roads that change according to terrains, Pulsar 200 NS has proven to be the bike to choose from! You can travel from Terai to Hilly regions without facing too much issues!

Also, the handling should not be forgotten. We have kept the handling features similar in many versions of our bikes and the new Decal is not an exception.

Now, if you are all acquainted with all the above, you will probably not be surprised to find that the new Pulsar 200 NS Decal has each and every feature mentioned above!

In simple words, the one noticeable change is the color and design that is bound to turn heads among the public!

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How Pulsar NS 200 Decal Can Change the Aesthetics in Two Wheeler Segment?

This is somewhat of a vague question. However, there are no questions that cannot be answered!

Pulsar NS 200 Decal is a value-appropriate two wheelers in Nepal. However, the one limitation that there was present was the variation in 200 NS category which we have tried to fill by introducing you with the new Decal!

It is not a brand new bike or two wheelers but a variation for the already-popular version of NS 200.

Bajaj Bikes Online

If you are looking for a bike that has every aspect of your expectations, you are more than welcome to have a test ride of Pulsar NS 200 Decal, the new stylish and amazing version of our popular bike!

Just in case you are already an owner of a Bajaj Pulsar NS 200, you will be aware of the specs that this Decal. In that case, why wait for another day? Send us an online message or Book Pulsar NS 200 Now! We are always ready to assist and answer your queries!

SOURCE: HH Bajaj Nepal