Easy Ways to remove Rust from Motorbike at Home

Easy Ways to Remove Rust from Motorbike at Home

Motorbikes over the years has become much more advanced and manufacturers still come with different upgrades. Yet no matter how advanced motorbikes are rust can be seen in different metal parts of motorbikes. To defeat rust which is common enemy of motorbikes around the world manufacturers have been trying to come up with newer solutions to make the parts last longer while providing minimal care or no care at all. The solution hasn’t been found yet!


Why Rust usually occurs in motorbike?

Rust is a natural enemy of metal as motorbikes can’t exist without metals, we have no other options but to deal with it. The reason for rust is quite simple, when moisture gets to your motorbike in different weather conditions it slowly starts to damage the motorbike. Rusting is a natural process that happens because of oxidation occurring in metal.


So where do we find these rusts?

The chains, bike spokes, silencer, pipelines, engine and other metal parts all have chances of rust affecting them. There is no way to stop this from happening whether you regularly use the bike or not, it really makes no difference as it is a force of nature. Muddy roads, air moisture, water splashes, monsoon, summer there’s is absolutely no running away from it.


How to remove rust?

Thoroughly clean all the parts possible with motorcycle wash shampoo or hit with foam jet spray, basically you want a clean surface with no dust and dirt. Make sure to always be careful of wiring while washing your bike

Use steel wool to scrape the areas affected by rust use motorcycle cleaning liquid, detergent, or make use of your regular liquid soap. This is to not damage your motorbike with scratches. You can also use sandpaper to rub the rust, if it has already become too big to deal with. But always be sure to not be too hard because you might damage the paint.


How to prevent rust?

After removing all the rust apply motorcycle polish to all areas, this coats the parts from unseeable dust, following up with wax which helps protect the paint designs of the bike while making it look really clean.

In case of chains be sure to grease them well and to check them every once in a while, as this is one of the most used external parts of the motorbike and needs to be in perfect health.

Whenever you park your bike make sure to park in shade where sunlight and water doesn’t get through

Make sure to clean your bike with only water, if possible, every now and then to get the dust and dirt of the motorbike.

Use anti-oxidizing cleaning liquid every time you polish or wax your motorbike.

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What to do when there is too much rust?

Due to poor motorbike maintenance rust can be a massive problem, if this happens, we advise you to visit the nearest service center from you location as quickly as possible. If you use Bajaj bikes there is plenty of service location of Bajaj around the area.

Find Nearest: Bajaj Service Center in Nepal

From key holder, fuel tanks, footrace to chains every part can be a victim of rust in your motorcycle and if severe can lead to engine seizing if it reaches the engine. Therefore, the best thing to do before it’s too late, if you see any rust, remove immediately!


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SOURCE: HH Bajaj Nepal