In a motorbike, Why is Neutral between the 1st and 2nd Gear?

Why is neutral between the 1st and 2nd gear

Here is the simple answer to this curious question:


When you come to a complete stop, you'll need to shift into neutral. You can't accidentally choose neutral while riding or try to fix 1st gear to pull away because neutral is located between 1st and 2nd gear. It is easy to find when the first gear is near the bottom.
Neutral is meant to be challenging to pick unless the bike is in complete stop, and then only by gently moving the selector into neutral. You'll need neutral if you're standing still at a red signal or stowing the bike. When you shift into neutral while trying to slow down, the gearbox disconnects from the engine, removing any aid from the engine to slow down the bike (engine braking). This is very difficult situation, especially on a steep downhill when the brakes will have to work overtime.

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It's difficult to keep control of the bike if you try to shift into neutral in the middle of a corner and then speed out of it. When standing stationary, neutral must be easy to discern, but it must be difficult to select by accident when moving. As a result, you can only choose neutral by giving it a gentle nudge rather than pushing or pulling hard on the lever.

The other gears are easily shifted by simply going up or down, but neutral requires a more effort to select. Furthermore, choosing it by accident while shifting down would be pretty straightforward if neutral were at the bottom. Therefore, neutral is positioned between the first and second gear in light of these considerations.

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SOURCE: HH Bajaj Nepal