Why there are no kick starts available for a Motorcycle nowadays?

No Kick Starts Available For a Motorcycle

Motorcycles these days may it be lower or higher CC have rejected kick starts and only come with electric starts as you may have already noticed. To someone who has been riding bikes for a long time, this may appear unusual. After all, we have always used the kick-starter if the electric starter fails.


Fuel Injection System

Bikes equipped with FI (Fuel Injection) engines are not equipped with a kick starter besides some Bikes. Reason: In FI-based engines, petrol is pumped from the tank using a submersible pump, and then fine droplets of fuel are injected into the engine by the fuel injector. The engine will not function until these electrical components are operational. These electrical devices have a minimum voltage need to operate.   As a result, if a FI engine-based bike's battery isn't in good shape, the engine's performance will suffer.


Advanced Self Start

Most of Motorcycle use powerful self-start technology, which is one of the reasons there are no kick starts available for a motorcycle nowadays. Long lasting battery and strong motors are used in advanced self-start technology. You can start motorcycle in any condition and weather unless its other system fault.



Most riders, according to bike manufacturers, prefer to turn the engine with an electric starter. Furthermore, cruiser motorcycle have seats that are far lower than other motorcycle seats, making kick starting difficult. Because electric starts are the preferred choice, and most riders don't want to use their legs every now and then, self-start provides significantly more comfort.


Cost Cutting in Production

Many motorcycle companies offer absurd justifications for not providing a kick in motorcycle, ostensibly to save money.


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SOURCE: HH Bajaj Nepal