Why Motorbiking is Good for your Mental Health?

Why Motorbiking is Good for your Mental Health

The concept of riding for emotional well-being may be confusing to those who regard motorcycling as simply a thrill experience. For a long time, experienced bike riders have known that riding has medical benefits such as decreased blood pressure and nervousness.

Stress Relief

After a long ride, every rider can feel the pure enjoyment. The reason we feel so much better is simple: accelerating feels good and releases endorphins. These 'feel good' chemicals give us a much-needed boost, increase joy, and reduce stress.

Endorphins provide that joyful sensation, but there is also a good feeling after a ride, as if a weight has been lifted.


Improve Mental Health

While riding a motorcycle, you're constantly examining and changing based on the situation, almost as if you're meditating: body position, speed, streets - you're constantly breaking down and changing based on the situation. This keeps us in the present moment, leaving no room for worries about money, jobs, or other everyday concerns.


Brain Function

Ryuta Kawashima's research, partnered with Motorcycle company and Tohoku University, discovered exactly that Riding a bike can help you reduce your mental capacity by up to half.  "Riding bikes simulates the driver's mind," says Kawashima.


Burn Calories

Every time you work you burn calories, riding a motorbike for a long run is extremely tiring and needs a lot of concentration. Making split-second decisions and maintaining control of the bike require physical abilities. Riding a motorbike in general burns up to 200 to 600 calories depending on the duration of the ride and road difficulties.


Building Core Strength

Riding a motorbike can likewise assist with strengthening your knees and thighs. Consider the upsides of riding a motorbike as opposed to going through hours hitting the gym performing squats and deadlifts. It requires the usage of your knees and thighs, yet not to the exclude other muscles.


Build Friendship

Yes, its not just you who likes to the thrill of riding motorbikes. There are lot of people out there who like the speed and risk of riding motorbike but they still enjoy riding it. Rather than solo rides you can go with friends which helps you build deeper relation with others. This is a plus because its always safer to ride in groups as you can help each other out if you run in to issues with the motorbike.


FAQ: Things to remember while going for a long bike tour:


1. Why carrying some amount of money will be helpful?

✔ It is important to have money with you when riding because just in case your motorbike breaks down. You can always rely on the money you have to fix it. Also, do carry your mobile phone as well, to make emergency calls if necessary. Or incase of riding to new places you might want to try out new foods and buy things from the places so carrying money will help you fulfill your demands during the rides.


2. Is checking tyre pressure important in long rides?

✔ Right tyre pressure helps with bikes overall control while riding, furthermore it also helps you support the weight of passengers and luggage.


3. Do I really need riding gear?

✔ Highway roads are really different to city roads and you should be careful because the speed get really fast in highway and its important you use proper gears to be safe in case you run in to an accident.


4. What are the best routes for motorbike rides in Kathmandu?

✔ Kathmandu has a lot to offer the outskirts of Kathmandu make for good short distance adventure. Places such as; Dakshinkali, Sundarijal, Pilot Baba, Bungamati, Chovar, Godawari, White House, Shivapuri / Tarebhir, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Bhundole, Kakani, Namo Buddha, Gagalphedi, Ghyampe Dadha make for a perfect short adventure.


5. Which is the best location for Long Motorbike ride in Nepal?

✔ Upper mustang or lower mustang motorbike tour is a classic depending on how short or long you want the ride to be. Nepal to Tibet is another action-packed tour.


6. What are the most essential things to pack during long bike rides?

✔ Tire plug kit, important papers, full helmet, water bottle, proper gear, GPS system, motorbike rain gear, motorcycle cover etc.


7. What happens if my motorbike breaks down on tour?

✔ It is important to have a toolkit with you, if the damage is minimal then it can be fixed on the spot else call the nearest motorbike service available.

View Nearest: Bajaj Service Centers in Nepal 


9. Does Bajaj organize motorbike tour rides?

✔ Yes, Bajaj has organized a couple of tour rides in the past mainly Dominar Rides and will follow to do so in future as well. Please stay tuned with Bajaj Dominar Nepal and follow us for any updates.


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SOURCE: HH Bajaj Nepal