Bajaj Shunya Offer - New Year Offer
Mar 15, 2021

Bajaj Shunya Offer

Press Release

Kathmandu - Hansraj Hulaschand & Company Pvt. Ltd, the authorized distributor of Bajaj motorcycles in Nepal, has launched the Bajaj Shunya Offer especially for the New Year 2078, wherein the buyers of a new Bajaj vehicle can win lakhs of rupees.

Those who purchase a new Bajaj motorcycle from the Bajaj authorized showroom or distributor will be eligible for the New Year offer. With the offer in place, interested customers can now buy a brand new Bajaj Bike in Nepal with zero tension and zero percent interest. When they purchase the motorcycle, they will receive an SMS with a unique code that needs to be entered into an app available with the authorized distributor. Once they enter the code, the customer will then receive an SMS with several zeros ranging between four to six giving them a chance to win up to 10 lakh rupees. The offer is profitable for all the new buyers as each of them is sure to win a minimum of 10 thousand rupees.

The scheme is valid from the date the Bajaj Shunya Offer is launched till the date of its last advertisement.

The New Year offer has been launched to enable the customers to purchase a top-tier Bajaj motorcycle for the best comfort with zero tension.  
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SOURCE: HH Bajaj Nepal